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  • Does FellowUp offer a free trial?
    The app is always free up to 10 users to check out the features and solution itself.
  • What are your terms and conditions for using FellowUp?
    Our terms and conditions can be found here
  • Can we customize our FellowUp according to community or company needs?
    Using the Toggle feature you can easily turn On/Off features relevant to your community or company.
  • Can we customize our FellowUp app with our community or company branding?
    FellowUp is customizable. You can place your company or community logo on the login window.
  • Is FellowUp available on mobile devices?
    Yes. Full FellowUp site and all the great user features are available from any smartphone or tablet with a browser and internet connection.
  • What are your privacy terms?
    Our full Privacy policy can be found here
  • How many people am I limited to per FellowUp community?
    Unlimited. Amount of people depends on the subscription plan which will be chosen. You can start for free and upgrade as your community or team grow.
  • How long will it take for my community to set up FellowUp?
    Each team member can set up their FellowUp account in less than a minute.
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