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Engage and communicate with employess in modern way | FellowUp

Engage and communicate with employees in a way that works

Discover the platform that delivers a personalised experience for keeping every worker informed, connected and engaged.




News - a central place for company newsletters, announcements and important dates


Easy company-wide announcements, company newsletters, and priority alerts gets every team member pulling in the same direction.

Blog-style news feed

Instant feedback

Easy navigation


Don’t let your employees miss out on the educational and morale-boosting events. Post these upcoming opportunities in a way that allows your community members to engage with them.

Any kind of work event

Rating and Commenting


Boost employee engagement and morale with internal company events
Create poll questions or short surveys providing instant live results

Instant polls and surveys

Give every employee a voice. Then make informed decisions using real-time data. Grow your community, develop and mature your culture by discovering what truly matters to them.

Valuable insights

Anonymous surveys and polls

Live digital results

Group chats

Level up your community members' involvement. Create themed chat channels and let employees engage in group chats.

Group or private chats

Themed chats

Non-work related messaging

Create themed chat channels or let users engage in direct conversations
Share benefits or offers provided by or for your community

Benefits and Offers

Share benefits and offers provided by or for your community.

Self-service marketplace

Benefits categorisation

Location based

Explore Our Pricing Options

Whether you are a small or closed community, an emerging business, or an established company, we have you covered.

Have a look at our transparent pricing setup.

BTW, did you know that the Free Plan gets you started with FellowUp in just minutes.

Try FellowUp today

Get started for free. Invite the whole team as your community grows.


Unlimited content

Feature customisation

Up to 10 members

FellowUp - all-in-one app driving teams engagement with improved communication


FellowUp redefines old-school intranets by combining intranet, company social networking and collaboration into an employee-driven platform.
FellowUp builds a culture of communication making information and communication unmissable with the engaging "5-minutes" daily news read.
FellowUp enables companies to both distribute news top-down, but also leverage the power of an engaged team to create a high-performing digital culture where employee feel part of a team, feel their voice is heard and can crowdsource knowledge and information.

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