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How to master internal communication?

How you communicate internally may positively impact employee engagement, productivity, and retention. It might not be easy to ensure that your internal communications are clear and effective. There are a lot of different aspects to think about, but being an expert in it might work wonders for your company.

Many companies rely on internal communications such as emails and memos and believe their staff members will read them. However, sixty percent of businesses do not have a long-term plan for their internal communications. If your company does not have an internal communications plan, you will almost certainly see a decline in employee engagement and connection to the company. If you are interested in modernizing the internal communication at your company, we have you covered.

The importance of effective internal communication

It is sometimes tempting for firms to continue with what they are familiar with, particularly for more established enterprises. It may feel like the safe option to stick to tactics that have been tried and tested, but doing so diminishes engagement and increases retention. The following is a list of just some of the advantages that come along with having an up-to-date strategy for internal communication:

  • Increases the level of engagement and productivity of employees.

  • Maintain communication with the entirety of your team.

  • Improves employee experience and allows your entire organization to align.

  • It makes it possible for team members to work together to find solutions to difficulties.

  • Helps to improve the image of your company to the outside world.

Common problems with internal communication

If you want to make changes to your communication approach, you must first be able to identify where it is failing. Making modifications based on market tendencies might quickly disrupt established connections. There are a few major internal communication problems that plague companies nowadays.

  • Leadership and management have not provided enough input.

  • Too many messages are being sent and received — more than 60% of all emails are completely pointless.

  • There are no established channels of contact between staff and upper management.

  • Onboarding that takes too long and is inefficient.

  • Intense communication and scheduled events.

  • Constantly chatting about things that don't matter.

Ways to enhance and take control of your organizations' internal communications

Assess your present communications.

Before you can begin to make adjustments to your plan, you must first understand what it is that you are doing successfully and, more crucially, what it is that you are currently doing that is not working. This sort of evaluation can be done in a variety of ways, but it is necessary to:

  • Measure employee engagement;

  • Evaluate the output of the team;

  • Request input from other members of the team.

Know your objectives.

After you have analyzed your present strategy, the next step is to specify the goals for your new plan. These goals may include the following:

  • Enhancing the culture of your business.

  • Increasing the percentage of your current workforce that you keep on.

  • Increasing the level of innovation at your firm while simultaneously boosting employee engagement.

Evaluate your progress, and always be open to criticism.

You need to measure the effectiveness of your internal communications plan, just as you would with any other communication strategy. If you include those features, you can measure the metrics if you make your strategy more participatory and engaging for participants. For instance, if you utilize a video to communicate an announcement about your firm, you may do the following:

  • Number of views

  • how long individuals had been viewing.

You can optimize your films to have the optimal duration to deliver all the essential information while still doing it effectively once you have the metrics. It is also essential to actively seek input from your team members. As users of the channels that you do not have access to, they will have the ability to give you valuable knowledge.

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